Unparalleled security for your retail environment available from Hoffman Manufacturing Corporation.



Displays do not come with lock cores.  Installing the lock cores is easy, no need to hire a locksmith.  When you purchase cores, you will also purchase core installation keys.  Be sure to install the core with the lock in the locked position.   See the lock core sheet above.

Have the advantage of the latest in security innovation. High security display cases offered by Hoffman Manufacturing Corporation go far beyond simply upgrading the standard components in a generic fixture. Instead, HMC’s purpose-built cases were uniquely engineered from the ground up with only one objective in mind; far exceed industry expectations in theft prevention. Achieving unrivaled security while maintaining aesthetic value is just one of the many advantages of this leading-edge product.

The original HMC concept was an answer to a need for a safe-like display case for one of the country’s largest firearms retailers. The retailer’s expansive inventory made the evening task of removing all weapons from the show floor cumbersome and cost-prohibitive. They wanted a case that under any form of attempted break-in - sledge hammer, crowbar, hatchet, gun fire - remains impenetrable for three minutes; the amount of time needed for police to respond to an attempted theft. When this new design was submitted to the retailer for rigorous testing it not only met the critical three minute mark fully intact, the testers eventually gave up after fifteen minutes still not having succeeded in breaking in.

The retailer has had attempted break-ins since they’ve upgraded, but every time the HMC display case has proven impervious. “Smash and grabs” have become a thing of the past. But a display case with this level of integrity has numerous applications. Hoffman Manufacturing Corporation has now made it available to you for safeguarding anything you value.

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