ADA Display HS-411

34" counter height to comply with American Disabilities Act.  There is one glass shelves and floor for product.  The display below has a custom wood grain front panel.

Shown with Spalted Maple laminate front

Shown with Spalted Maple laminate front


  • All displays have a ultra high LED light strip at the front top edge.  
  • Within the toe kick are four levelers and floor mounts.  The display can be fastened to the floor.
  • The customer side clear face is special Abrasion Resistant polycarbonate.  This material is very expensive but is critical in preventing the display face from becoming scratched or dulled.
  • The top clear panel is 1/4" tempered glass on top of 1/4" polycarbonate.  The glass provides an excellent surface for showing product.
  • The lock is a BEST style lock body ready to accept your dual barrel lock core.
  • The display floor area is made from black textured ABS plastic.
  • All displays are UL listed.
  • Each display has a 24v power transformer in the toe kick.  It requires a standard 120v AC receptacle for power.  Each display only draws 5.6 watts.  
  • One 10" and one 14" tempered glass shelf is included with each display.
  • Base is all steel with removeable toe kick covers.
Shown with standard steel front panel

Shown with standard steel front panel