Security Features

  • The display (and secure area) is surrounded by a fully-welded steel frame.  Inside the frame are polycarbonate panels, steel floor panel, and steel doors. At the core is a steel tube frame, further reinforced by tool steel solid bars, which in turn fully secures all the panels. 
  • The polycarbonate panels interlock together at the edges of the display within the steel frame.
  • Polycarbonate is an amazing plastic.  It doesn't shatter like glass or acrylic.  Bullets and shot will only melt a small hole as it penetrates the material.
  • The sliding steel doors are flanged and inset in such a deep track that a crow bar cannot get leverage to pry them apart.
  • The sliding steel doors interlock together when closed.
  • The lock body is encased in a steel housing below the doors and not exposed on the face of the doors.
  • Nothing can be accessed without unlocking the steel doors including the lock body which is underneath the display area.
HS-412  Full Veiw Display - Cover Sheet.JPG

Video from Security Tests